CryptOtitties | World 1st NFT Charity

CryptOtitties | World 1st NFT Charity

NFT Collection & Marketplace

  • World first NFT charity project
  • World 30th NFT Project
  • 2017 Buy, Sale, Auction NFT Marketplace
  • ERC-721 Beta
  • Token Migration ERC-721 Standard

CryptOtitties is the premier NFT project for social good.144 max supply of CryptOtitties revealed January 4, 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptOtitties AKA CTTs is the 29th NFT project on the blockchain and the 1st NFT charity project.

Inspired by artist Hami Gendron’s own mother’s successful battle with breast cancer, CryptOtitties NFTs donated 33 ETH and is on its way to raising and giving an additional 66 ETH to The Breasties in support of breast cancer awareness and support initiatives such as CBD & THC palliative therapy.

Built in 2017 with ERC-721 Beta, your OGs are now updated to Non-Fungible Token 721 standard.

NOW RELEASED–21 of original 144 vintage NFTs FOR SALE in our 2017 NFT Marketplace. 25% of sales going to 501c(3) not-for-profit The Breasties ETH Wallet

144 Images of NFT Cryptotitties on the marketplace. Colorful square drawing of titties in a simple vectorial style

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